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My belief: Social media is phrased that way for a reason. It’s not intended for just promoting your newsletters or events – and people are wise enough to see right through a poor advertising effort, anyway. No, social media is an always-on way to connect with your target audience(s) and build trust through personal interaction and with a personality established in how the presence presents content.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars for clients to reach their target audiences in an efficient and effective manner through social channels, including all aspects of Facebook and leveraging Instagram to increase awareness in new target demogrpahics. From flooring suppliers to restaurants and pest control companies, it’s possible to style a boosted post or advertisement that gets results.

From May of 2012 to September 29, 2014, I was point man for what is now Augusta University (formerly Augusta State University) on all things social media.

And true to form, we had an established personality – whether it’s through operating as the “Social Media Guy” so people knew there was an actual person controlling our social media and they were, in fact, speaking WITH a human being, to just using fun language to help capture people’s attention. Some examples:

There was plenty of success, and I enjoyed learning more and more of the statistical side of things, even occasionally writing about it – like here (with a chance to use some of the graphic design basics I’ve picked up!). Here’s some details of an August 2013 report:

A snapshot-look at Georgia Regents University's numbers.

A snapshot-look at Georgia Regents University’s numbers.

Curious about my crisis management skills? Then here’s a recent example of social media’s potential. In early May 2014, a shooter had been reported at nearby Paine College (see the Augusta Chronicle story here), which is within walking distance of GRU’s Health Sciences campus, prompting an immediate lockdown. I was at lunch when I received the call, and immediately logged on and began updating – which turned out to be invaluable when our email alert system glitched, causing an hour delay for messages to go through, and the realization that not everyone was signed up for the alert system. Some screenshots:

A couple of months prior as Augusta dealt with the ice storm in February 2014, this is what I was doing at 4:30 a.m. after the university decided five minutes prior to cancel classes for the day. I was emailing our Director of Media Relations in the minutes preceding the announcement, and as soon as she found out and relayed it to me, Twitter and Facebook were both updated – on an individual basis if necessary:

Crisis Communications at 4:30 a.m.