Although I’ve moved away from doing much video production, I do enjoy delving into it from time to time. I prefer editing on Final Cut Pro 7, and have used cameras such as the Panasonic P2 and Sony HDV.

Each video comes with a description and a story, so feel free to check ’em out!

Date released: February 28, 2011

30+ hours of work from four college students (plus two exhausted student-actors!) in eleven days makes for some crazy editing, but this entrant into the 2011 BALD Shorts Film Festival’s final result made all the hard work worth it! I proposed the idea of shooting a chase scene on our front campus to a couple of good friends, and both were very interested. However, with uncooperative weather (rain/clouds) and hectic Senior schedules, we eventually had only eleven days left to pull it off. Officially, this is my favorite video production project ever.

My roles: Director, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Scriptwriter

A Man and His ELF
Date released: May 28, 2014

I was actually on our Summerville campus grabbing some iPad photos of a student event for social media when I saw a guy driving this odd, egg-shaped orange vehicle right up to the bicycle rack nearby. With our recent move to a daily GReport that mimics a daily newspaper, I went and asked the driver about it – and it eventually became this story on our GReport, complete with video I shot and edited (with help – Jared Bell, one of GRU’s video producers, put a GoPro inside the ELF for the internal shots of it in action).

Augusta State Basketball Hype video
Date released: November 12-18, 2012

ASU basketball (note: Now called Augusta University) is a fairly big deal here, and I found out firsthand at my previous job – Assistant SID in the athletics department. As a sports fan who loves doubling as an armchair analyst, debuting a series of hype vids for the start of the season definitely was on my to-do list.

This concept is mine, from start to finish, and was a series of four short videos leading up to a longer, true ‘hype’ vid released the day before the home opener. Here’s a playlist of them all:

Augusta State University campus tour
Date released: August 3, 2012

The idea and direction for this was given by my boss, but the planning, shooting, and editing were all done by me. The music is royalty-free stuff we had, and at the time a merger of ASU and Georgia Health Sciences University was announced, so I had the challenge of ensuring as much of this video could be used as possible in any new campus tour videos done after the consolidation.

I link to this video to a lot of students on Twitter who indicate they’re considering applying to Augusta State (I manage the Twitter and Facebook, after all…)

My roles: Director, Editor, Videographer, Coordinator

University Village hype video
Date released: August 27, 2012

Once the campus tour video was released, the admissions office higher-ups asked if we could do something for our housing complex – and the perfect opportunity to shoot came a week and a half later, during the week of welcome. As you can see, I shot and edited everything from what I got at a pool party. The intent was a short, quick, uptempo video to showcase student life and amenities at University Village, and it was a pretty quick turnaround on this one: A week, plus a day or two for adjustments after feedback from the higher-ups.

My roles: Everything (and do you know how awkward it is being at a pool party with a camera while wearing khakis?!)

Behind the Scenes: Augusta State Cross Country
Date released: December 2, 2011

Between heading to a cross country practice, getting interviews with the coach and runners, and editing, this video took about 30 hours of work; however, the video aids in recruiting and helps get the team’s name out even more, which will especially help the men’s team as it continues into its third season after the program was restarted.

My roles: Everything!

2011 Peach Belt Conference Volleyball Championships Banquet Video

Date released: November 12, 2011

I did a TON of editing using Apple’s Motion 4 (Yes, I’m sad Apple has discontinued upgrading Motion!), and had to gather plenty of footage from other Sports Information Directors around the conference to create this video. So, I owe them one; I also owe Ben Elliott, Bryan Smith, and Tom Rule for continually giving suggestions on how to improve this as the process continued through editing.

My roles: Everything!

Augusta State University NYC Art Exhibit
Date released: June 7, 2012

This was my first project on the job as New Media Specialist at Augusta State – the art department has an annual show displaying art from students’ trip to New York City. My boss thought having a video would be a good way for me to break in with the faculty and staff around campus – and so I came up with the idea of a behind-the-scenes look, since I figured many people (like myself) have no idea what it takes to set-up a show like this.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to use music by Wynton Marsalis at work. No regrets.

My roles: You get the gist by now…

Broke Boy Swag: A Parody of Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag”
Date Released: December 1, 2010

This was my senior Capstone (equivalent) for the Broadcast and Electronic Media concentration of my Mass Communication degree. Sitting in class one day, a friend told me he’d done a parody of Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag” (For the record: I feel that’s a horrendous song). I listened to it, found it humorous, and asked if I could shoot a music video…and thus, “Broke Boy Swag” was born!

Music by Bryan Smith.

My roles: Director, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Scriptwriter

“Andalusia Orentiation 2010”

This was our Broadcast Video Production II class project; we took on the Flannery O’Connor – Andalusia Foundation as a client and agreed to shoot a cross between a documentary and a promotional video for the primary caretakers of O’Connor’s home.

My roles: Scriptwriter, Videographer