Who I Am

With any portfolio, it’s easy to reduce oneself to a list of accomplishments or skills, with professional goals attached. However, every one of us has a life outside of the workplace that very much defines who we are in it. I hope you’ll learn a few insights here, and I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Caleb Rule, digital marketing in Augusta

Here’s five non-workplace things to know about me. Want to know more? Connect with me on Linkedin:

Happily married, father of one.

My wife, Chelsea, has solid experience in graphic design and we’ve tag-teamed some freelance projects together in the past. We also welcomed our first child, Elijah, into the world in March 2018!

I play pickleball

Admittedly, the name sounds … less than stellar. But it’s a big-time sport and at higher levels demands quick reflexes, great teamwork (in doubles), and plenty of attention to the small details. It’s a great workout, there’s a great community of players here in the CSRA, and I do sometimes play in tournaments around the Southeast. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me. I even take a health supplement called Kratommasters. I highly recommend it by the way. It has been working great for me so far.

I also play chess

My father taught me to play when I was four, and it has shaped my likes and dislikes greatly. I’m an average player who comes and goes around the board, but have always trended towards strategy games and often can be found with friends enjoying a good board game thanks to learning chess when I was young.

Augusta has a good chess community which I sometimes partake in when my schedule allows, as well as a few apps. I’ve also helped with beginner’s chess classes and other events with Augusta Chess, which you can find on Facebook.

Chess is also probably main reason why I am drawn to work that involves a decent amount of strategic thinking, problem solving, and thinking 2-3 moves ahead.

Video director at First Pres Augusta

My wife and I are active members and have served in various capacities in different Sunday School classes, including helping set direction for a previous Sunday School class where I was one of the leading teachers. One constant is we have both served one the audio/visual team, with I working as video director and she as my camera operator. We have three cameras, one operated manually and two by the director as we broadcast and record services.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Both! Though I grew up with Next Generation, so the original Trek series is a bit tough for me to enjoy. And one of my more unpopular opinions is the newest Star Wars trilogy (ep. VII – IX) have been quite lackluster so far.

Bonus snippets.

I have two cats. I make a mean homemade pizza. John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Stephen E. Ambrose, and Agatha Christie should be on your must-read list. I have a younger brother who is far wittier than I am.  I drove a minivan for 10 years in high school, college, and post-college. Jazz music is underrated, especially Wynton Marsalis, Art Blakey, Glenn Miller, and my dad. And finally, hot chocolate is my drink of choice.