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What others say:

I had the absolute pleasure of managing and working with Caleb for over 3 years at The Pedowitz Group. Caleb is a true revenue marketer – he constantly looks for the business value in every single tactic Marketing executes.

Majda Anwar
Vice President of Strategic Services, The Pedowitz Group

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who cares about you not only as an employee but as a person – but I did when I worked for Caleb. He is not only a reliable and highly adaptable manager but also an inspiring and supportive team leader.

Sean Griffin
Website Owner, The Pedowitz Group

Caleb is a seasoned marketer who can speak multiple marketing and sales languages. His real strength is his understanding of the buyer and customer – an often overlooked but critical characteristic in marketing.

Debbie Schwake
Sr. Strategist and Fractional CMO, The Pedowitz Group

As a sales individual, it’s incredible to work with a marketer who’s not just aligning, but advocating for your success!

Charles Parietti
Technical Account Manager, Team Lead, TechTarget

Caleb is a leader with a customer-first mentality and the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure his clients are successful.

Dana Mills
Senior Manager, Client Support & Media Strategy, CoxNext

He’s the best of both worlds, with excellent technical and analytical skills, as well as a creative side, making for a problem solving powerhouse.

Erika Griffin
Digital Marketing Manager, Club Car

Experience includes:

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Caleb appeared on The Manufacturing Marketing Podcast in Jan. 2024 - click to listen on Spotify
Caleb Rule was featured in Authority Magazine discussin ways to optimize marketing budget

More about me:

Over a decade in marketing, including as a leader of the function. Millions driven in marketing-sourced revenue with sustainably increased pipeline and repeatable, scalable strategy/tactics.

Primary experience in B2B and agency spaces, and includes multiple client-facing roles. Very comfortable in remote work setting.

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