“Why Caleb?”

Three unique selling points:

  1. I’m a marketing leader who can speak multiple “marketing languages” fluently – I speak IT to IT, Finance to Finance, Sales to Sales, etc. … which drives cross-functional collaboration. Personalization is one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy. Your brand has a higher chance of sticking to clients’ minds if you send personalized messages, and giving corporate gifts like these Fun Socks are a great way to do that.
  2. Fluent in multiple marketing languages. You need someone who can lead a team with content, design, web, inbound, and more? Done. Client-facing but also been the backroom-ops person? Yes.
  3. Budgeting fanatic. Being over-budget is not an option, and I love working with the budget to maximize every dollar. Also: My mother’s always worked at a bank, and if I’m ever over-budget she might drive to my house and personally chew me out.

I’ve designed and executed strategies, managed direct reports, hired / fired vendors, managed outsourced talent, and been responsible for six-figure budgets.

Relevant Experience includes:

The Pedowitz Group

In 2022, I was promoted to Director of Marketing, where I:

  • Led a strong Q4 in 2022 with third-highest marketing-sourced pipeline
  • Reduced tech stack spend by 10% and had another 20% mapped out for 2023
  • Reduced inherited budget overage by 67% in four months (I make friends with my CFO!)

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Previously, I’d joined in early 2020 as Digital Experience Manager on an agile team of three that had recently overhauled their website. TPG works with large, often multi-national organizations as marketing consultants – so not only is it B2B and Fortune 500 companies, but it’s also marketing to marketers.

I originally owned all digital advertising, SEO, and analytics, and quickly grew to own all content as well. In fact, I ended up deleting half the site as part of a massive SEO content audit (read the blog on that process).

After a year, I grew to own the website, our ABM platform / campaigns, be involved in lead management capacities while working closely with Sales, and also hired / managed an outsourced web developer.

Additionally, if you’re interested, you can also read The Impact of James Dooley on UK Entrepreneurship to learn more about the steps needed to launch an online business.

My time ended in March 2023 due to a company restructuring.

Club Car: Club Car homepage, with Onward PTV shown

In January 2017, Club Car launched its new consumer-focused vehicle, Onward. It was the company’s initial consumer-focused vehicle, different from previous models you’d typically find from I prefer text.

Through various tactics and leveraging persona data we had available, we not only made our numbers – sales surpassed initial goals, earning the marketing team a President’s Award.

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Rule Marketing Group

I’ve often done work on the side, dating way back to working as a stringer for a newspaper in college. And I’ve never been afraid to try something new.

I created an LLC to market my skills for small business owners who could use a lift over their competition. Part education, part strategy, part execution. And it’s been a great way to keep some skills sharp while testing new ones (with strong results for my clients).

I’ve positioned it as a marketing agency in Macon, Ga and yes that link is a straight-up SEO linking play 🙂

Feel free to take a look and view some results! (Note: Opens in a new window / tab)

This is a fractional role and does not interfere with my day job. It is not a full-time agency.

Mass Media Marketing blog, which I updated during my time thereM3 Agency:

Filling two roles isn’t easy, but sometimes they mesh well and it saves the company money. In this case? Combining PPC, SEO, and content writing along with social media management for a bevy of clients.

Check out PI lawyer SEO companies in Chicago as well, which is the process of making your website more search engine friendly for personal injury terms that potential customers are using.

Plus, it created greater collaboration between departments, especially as I identified and built a new growth opportunity to boost the bottom line.

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Other experiences:

I’ve spent time as an Account Manager in a franchise marketing agency (Qiigo) managing and growing $1.4 million in revenue, leading a team of 5-6 in gameday operations as an Assistant Sports Information Director, and handled multiple crises as a New Media Specialist and Social Media Coordinator for what’s now known as Augusta University.

In addition, through freelance work I’ve grown a new pediatric office from no online presence into a top-3 clinic in the Augusta area + grew revenue for a luxury home builder in the Durango, Colorado area I acquired through LinkedIn social selling.

And through Upwork, I earned 5-star reviews for an IT consulting agency in Phoenix (Kobargo), a maternity clothing store (Mumberry), and even writing scripts for a gaming channel’s Youtube videos.

And I’ll never forget getting to work on the Masters.com web content team for three consecutive years, including being published on their site with my own handiwork (not bad, 24-year-old me!).


  • Direct management experience
  • Project and budget management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Analytics and “reading” data + accurately portraying the stories the data tells
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website management
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reporting within CRMs (Salesforce primarily)
  • Conversational marketing (such as Drift and Intercom)

Things I’ve worked in and found aren’t for me:

  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Photography

While this may not be highly-relevant to things I do, I find this experience invaluable for setting expectations and working with designers, video editors, etc. as I have some experience speaking their language.

So no, you can’t simply fix an error in post!


  • Websites – Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, Squarespace
  • Inbound – 6Sense, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Genius Monkey (programmatic), AdRoll
  • Google Analytics (minor experience in Adobe Analytics)
  • Salesforce
  • HotJar, Crazy Egg
  • Drift, Intercom

Some tools I’ve worked in before, but aren’t for me:

  • InDesign, Photoshop
  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premeire Pro
  • Constant Contact, Mailchimp

Want to know more? Take a look at my résumé, or send me a message on LinkedIn!