Every company needs to grow revenue and margin. But the great ones also control costs. At Mass Media Marketing (M3),  a Google Partner agency, I was able to directly help both areas.

The results:

✓ Reduced headcount as I filled multiple roles

✓ New revenue stream for agency + new opportunities with client digital growth

✓ Stronger sales presentations through Analytics + assisting Account Managers with client meetings, including visiting clients on-site to talk through marketing performance

✓ Increased company revenue through high performance of client PPC / SEO accounts + contributed to M3’s own marketing efforts

Writing/Editing: Previously, the company had a Digital Specialist and a different position for a Writer. These were combined into my role, eliminating the need for a headcount as most marketing copy crossed my desk while I worked in Analytics, AdWords, SEO, and more.

Legendary Sports website, one of many I was involved with while at M3 Agency
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Analytics: Dozens of business websites = Dozens of data sets waiting to reveal new, actionable insights. I looked through most account, identifying easy wins that could be gained and providing Media Strategists messaging they could use to upsell clients with relevant changes. I also sometimes went on sales meetings to further explain what the data showed and how new ideas could positively impact clients.

Local SEO: A previously-untapped market became a value-add for clients, as I dove into local SEO and became the de facto company expert on ranking in Google Maps. I also made the case for choosing which tools and what pricing we would charge for further building each client’s digital presence through this new revenue stream.

Inbound: Not only did I handle over a dozen client PPC accounts, I also managed M3’s SEO and bolstered the company’s organic ranks in a competitive field to gain more market share.