Real talk: It’s all about value and how I can bring something fresh to your audience, right?

So let’s get to the point:

Topics I can add value to your audience:

  • How internal respect dictates marketing’s KPIs
  • Adopting a more customer-centric mindset – i.e. “how does this serve the customer?”
  • Knowing when to cut tech from your stack … both as a power user and the team lead
  • The advantages of being a marketing generalist
  • Calling B.S. on marketing myths
  • Marketing magic with little budget (great for small businesses)
  • Effective selling – from a buyer’s perspective (one such example)

My past experiences are summed up in my resume, which you can view an online version of here.

Presentations and previous podcast appearances include:

Click for the episode or related clip.

Click to listen to my appearance discussing "who should own the CRM?" on the Purposeful Marketing Podcast!
Caleb appeared on The Manufacturing Marketing Podcast in Jan. 2024 - click to listen on Spotify
I appeared on The Layoff Podcast in October 2023

Sample questions to ask:

  • Who should own the CRM within a given company?
  • How do you make the most of a community you’re part of?
  • You were unemployed for 9+ months in 2023. What did you learn from that time?
  • You’ve moved from IC to managing that same team. What tips would you offer to someone now managing their former peers?
  • Freelancing in addition to your full-time role. How’ve you balanced this since 2019?
  • What are some ways a salesperson can cut through the clutter and get your attention, as someone who’s been the primary decision-marker in the past?
  • What is the dumbest sales/marketing myth you’ve seen recently?
  • You use a chess motif in your self-marketing … how do chess and marketing relate?
  • What’s your current favorite Dad joke? 🙂

Why should you/your audience care to listen?

You get someone who knows how to carry a conversation and puts in the work to be fully prepared. Being unprepared for something that’s public-facing rates up there as one of my “worst nightmare” scenarios and so I’ll put in the work to ensure there’s some well-sourced opinions coming your way.

Your audience gets proven expertise they can relate to – that also cites his sources and isn’t afraid to directly speak to interesting issues that matter.

And if they disagree, it’s easy to find me – on LinkedIn, in Exit Five, and other places.

Fun factoids:

  • Pickleball, chess, and disc golf are the current hobbies
  • Two young kids (under age 6) and was married eight days after my 24th birthday … 10+ years and still going
  • Currently uses a wine tracking spreadsheet and wife uses a book tracking sheet I created
  • Once made a family recipe book (along with my wife) as a Christmas present to one side of my family
  • Once worked for Augusta National Golf Club (2012-2014) on the web team
  • Dad is a musician with five albums released – he plays piano and keyboard

Want to learn more or book me? is my direct email, DM me on LinkedIn, or grab a time on my calendar.

Thanks for the time – I look forward to chatting!